Barangaroo Delivery Authority deletes ban on apartments in hotel, public zone

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The decision to drop apartments in the hotel was taken in 2010 at the height of the furore over the proposed hotel over the water. Photo: Dallas KilponenOpinion: Striving for global city status

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority has allowed Lend Lease to lodge modifications to its plans for Barangaroo in contradiction of its own project delivery deed which appears to restrict Lend Lease from applying for residential apartments in the hotel or in the public recreation space.

The document  is on the BDA’s contracts register and was confirmed as late as April 2013 by both parties. It has not been rescinded .

The decision to drop apartments in the hotel was taken in  2010 at the height of the furore over the proposed hotel over the water. The clause in the development deed prevented Lend Lease from including apartments in any future plans for the hotel development, then located over the water, or in the public recreation zone – the new proposed location of James Packer’s proposed Crown resort.

At the time, both BDA chief executive John Tabart and Lend Lease’s director of development, David Hutton, said they had listened to community concerns about the scale and bulk of the hotel and were dropping the apartment component in the hotel, in favour of larger hotel rooms, and apartments elsewhere on the site.

The latest changes to the Barangaroo project – known as  modification 8  – includes the new hotel and casino tower on land, designated as public recreation space.  Approximately 48 per cent of the floorspace in the tower is proposed to be luxury apartments.

A spokesman for the BDA said the provisions in the deed restricting apartments had been overtaken by events.

“The amendment addressed concerns about a private strata residential development over the water and ensured that the authority retained absolute discretion in relation to its approval as land owner of any proposal which might include a residential component.

“This did not, however, prevent the authority from considering the inclusion of residential development in any hotel resort proposal, if appropriate in all the circumstances, and subject to the normal planning approval processes.”

The BDA has already given its consent as landholder to Lend Lease lodging the plan which includes the Crown apartments.

A spokeswoman for Lend Lease pointed out that the government had insisted the hotel be moved to land and the apartment component was now necessary to make the casino and hotel viable.

She pointed out there had been 256 public submissions on the hotel over the water, but only 30 about the proposed hotel on land.

The BDA is a statutory body set up to oversee “the orderly and economic development of Barangaroo. It is also charged with developing the public domain so as to encourage its use by the public and to regulate the use of those areas”.

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Flight logs show 2011 Grantham, Queensland floods man-made disaster

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Nick Cater speaking to 60 Minutes. Gratham inundated with water after monster floods in 2011.

Stills of video footage of Grantham after the floods.

New evidence has emerged suggesting the monster floods that devastated Grantham four years ago was a man-made disaster that could have been avoided, 60 minutes reports.

Helicopter flight logs from the Nine News chopper add to a growing inventory of evidence that locals say was ignored by the commission set up to investigate the causes of the 2011 Queensland floods.

Grantham, in the Lockyer Valley, was described as a “war scene” and “completely and utterly devastated” by the January 10 flood that killed 12 people in the town of 300 residents.

Relying heavily on the expert evidence of hydrologists, the commission’s final report concluded that the Grantham quarry wall might have lessened the impact of the floods.

But first-hand accounts from residents have long contradicted the commission’s findings, claiming a powerful inland tsunami hit the town when the quarry burst.

The chopper’s log supported eyewitness accounts as well as the findings of an independent report spearheaded by The Australian journalist Nick Cater.

“The commission report got it flat wrong,” Mr Cater told 60 minutes.

The commission concluded that a wall of flood water hit Grantham between 3.15 and 3.30pm, which fit the timeline of events that suggested the overflowing river upstream was the cause of the devastation.

But the Nine News chopper, which flew over the town in the Lockyer Valley and recorded the wall of water ripping through the town didn’t leave Brisbane until 4.16pm.

During that missing hour, water was building up behind the quarry wall up stream owned by concrete giant Wagners, according to Cater’s report commissioned by TheAustralian.

The quarry stopped the water running its natural course along the river, forcing it to build up over the course of the hour, Cater said.

When the quarry burst it caused a giant inland tsunami that wiped out the town.

“It was man-made intervention. It was no act of god,” Cater told 60 minutes.

“You can imagine it’s like a dam bursting … this enormous volume of water taking everything in its path with tremendous force,” Cater told 60 minutes.

“Whole houses demolished, one house exploded … nothing can survive,” he said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a second commission of inquiry into the Grantham flood earlier this month.

The second inquiry will investigate whether the landscape, including the quarry, contributed to the flood.

“Residents of Grantham and their Mayor Steve Jones have been calling for this inquiry and we have been listening,” she told the Queensland House of representatives when she launched the inquiry.

“The people of Grantham have suffered through a horrific, terrifying, fatal event they deserve and require further closure.

“They are determined that the deaths of their friends and neighbours and family members on that day will not be in vain,” she said.

The inquiry will run until August 31 to allow independent modelling to take place.

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Westpac asks Gen Y to help it find the next fintech start-up

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Westpac is turning to non-bankers as it tries to be more innovative.As all banks grapple with the impact of huge technological shifts, Westpac hopes to get an edge over rivals by tapping into the ideas of bright, young non-bankers.

With the bank admitting it needs to be more nimble in the face of growing competition from technology-based firms, senior Westpac executives will next week be presented with business proposals on digital disruption in finance from a group of people aged 18 to 35 , from Australia and China.

But none of those pitching the ideas on digital disruption are bankers.

They are part of the China Australia Millennial Project, a Westpac-sponsored exercise that  involves universities and governments bringing together young people from the two countries to think about common challenges, including disruptive innovation, trade, infrastructure, and global talent.

The 200 participants have split into smaller groups to each tackle a particular area, and next week in Sydney they will pitch their ideas and business plans to venture capitalists, and in some cases, Westpac executives.

Westpac general manager of premium banking Damien MacRae, who will help judge the proposals on digital disruption, is encouraging them to come up with left-field ideas the bank could put money into.

“We’ve been very clear we don’t want them to be constrained by current financial services thinking. We want them to be bold, we want them to be challenging, we want them to question how we do things today,” he said.

“How do we get these guys to come up with the next Uber?”

The project is one example of the way banks – notoriously bureaucratic institutions – are trying new approaches to become more nimble.

The rising number of technology firms eyeing banks’ huge profits typically have lower costs, lighter regulation, and can move quickly, so banks are all  grappling with how to respond.

Another approach has been to set up dedicated teams within banks that try to act like start-ups rather than vast financial institutions.

Aside from technology, the bank says it is also drawing on insights from the CAMP project to inform its response to ethnic diversity concerns, such as a lack of people of Asian background in senior management.

Head of greater China Andrew Whitford said retaining more staff of Asian background was a key priority as it competed with Asian banks operating in Australia.

“There’s a large number of Asian staff who we recruit early on in their careers and then a lot of them tend to leave and they go to other organisations who may be more global in their perspective,” he said. The bank has set targets for the number of women in senior management, but does not have an ethnic-diversity target.

The bank is open to putting money into the best ideas on technology – something it has made a high priority under chief executive Brian Hartzer.

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Two early-morning crashes in Dubbo

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Emergency services were called to the intersection of the Newell Highway and Boothenba Road after a vehicle overturned on Monday morning. Photo contributed.EMERGENCY services were called to two early-morning crashes in Dubbo on Monday.

They converged on the scene of a vehicle rollover at the intersection of Boothenba Road and the Newell Highway just before 7am.

A NSW Ambulance spokesperson said paramedics attended to a 50-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman but neither required transport to hospital.

About an hour-and-a-half later, they were called to Whylandra Street following reports of a two-car crash.

Early reports suggested one person was trapped but the vehicle occupant managed to get out by themselves and there were no serious injuries.

Traffic diversions were put in place in both incidents until the scenes were cleared.

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Mallee Football League: round six

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SPIRITED: Kain Robbins and the Southern Mallee Giants tried hard but could not get across the line against Sea Lake-Nandaly Tigers at the weekend. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDWALPEUP-UNDERBOOL’S winless start to the season was extended by a focused Ouyen United team at Ouyen Recreation Reserve on Saturday.

The Demons came to play, piling on five goals to one in the first term.

The Roos could have succumbed to the onslaught in the second quarter, but showed they were made of tougher stuff, fighting back with four goals to one in the term.

Former Western Bulldogs and St Kilda midfielder Shane Birss was outstanding in the middle for the Roos.

Fellow mid Ben Fisher got among the goals, and Thomas Hedley started to come into the game.

An 11-point half-time deficit looked retrievable for Walpeup-Underbool, but Ouyen United put its foot down after the main break.

The Demons kicked four goals to two in the third and held the Roos goal-less in the last.

Laurence Angwin’s four-goal haul paced the Demons, while Jason McGlynn was best afield in the 14.16 (100) to 7.7 (49) win.

Ouyen United joins Sea Lake-Nandaly Tigers at the top of the ladder with a 4-1 record after the Tigers fought off the spirited Southern Mallee Giants.

The Tigers entered the match as favourites and lived up to expectations.

The visitors led by 50 points at the main break, with Jordan Doering and Cliff Ryan doing plenty of damage up forward.

The Giants started to turn things around in the second half with a Kain Robins goal sparking a mini run.

Liam Price added two majors of his own including the final one of the term to have his side within about four goals at the last change.

Robins booted another major only four minutes into the last quarter to close the gap to 18 points, but Doering, Ryan and Jarrod Arentz closed the door with consecutive goals.

Mahoney was the Gaints’ best player, while Ryan starred up forward for the Tigers with five goals and Doering had six.

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SES volunteers gain road crash accreditation

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SWAN Hill’s SES unit was successful in a bid to update their accreditation to attend to road crashes, last week.

Six members from the local unit took part, with the requirement to fulfill a complex set of criteria — which were passed with flying colours.

The main part of the audit included a simulated rescue, with a ‘hoon’ vehicle that was sent up from Melbourne taken apart in a scenario set up by the interstate assessors.

SES Swan Hill unit controller Rob Merrett said the members who took part had trained hard before the accreditation took place.

“Beverford Wreckers supplied a number of vehicles which were invaluable for the team to cut up,” he said.

Rescuing a casualty from a vehicle was part of the accreditation process for SES volunteers.

“On the night the team performed well and achieved the required standard.”

It means any road crashes in the Swan Hill area will be able to be attended to by the local crew.

“If it wasn’t there, you would be waiting an hour for help,” Mr Merrett said.

Robinvale and Kerang crews are the next closest to have accreditation.

The remains of the ‘hoon’ car will be crushed.

For more on this and other stories, grab a copy of Monday’s Guardian (May 25).

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Murraylands residents can attend drug forum

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Murray Mallee residents will have the opportunity to openly discuss illicit drug use, particularly methamphetamine or ice, with Local Service Area police and other community-based services at a public forum tomorrow nightMurray Mallee residents will have the opportunity to openly discuss illicit drug use, particularly methamphetamine or ice, with Local Service Area police and other community-based services at a public forum tomorrow night.

Called ‘ICE: The Cold Hard Facts’, the Police and Community Engagement (PACE) forum will specifically address the impact of illicit drugs on the community, the dangers of the drug and addiction and how everyone can help to reduce its impact.

Information will also be provided about the services and support available for those affected, whether that be for addicts, friends, family or professionals.

Dr Caroline Edmonds from Drug and Alcohol Services of South Australia, Dr Peter Rischbieth from Bridge Clinic and Magistrate Robert Harrap will be guest speakers on the night, proving an insight into behind-the-scenes issues.

Murray Mallee police are asking all local residents to spread the word about the forum and encouraging everyone to attend.

Light refreshments will be provided at the end of the evening.

– Details: The PACE forum will take place in the Unity College Capel, located on Owl Drive in Murray Bridge, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday, May 27. Doors will open at 6pm.

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Young workers can merge accounts for super savings

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More than 40 per cent of Murray Bridge workers, aged between 18 and 35, have more than one active super account which could be costing them thousands of dollars.Morethan 40 per cent of Murray Bridge workers, aged between 18 and 35, have more than one active super account which could be costing them thousands of dollars.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is encouraging young workers to save their pennies by combining their super into one preferred account, avoiding unnecessary fees.

Australian Prudential and Regulation Authority figures show the median fees and charges paid by Australians for a low-cost superannuation account is $532 per year.

ATO Commissioner of Superannuation assistant John Shepherd said young workers were not always deeply engaged with their super, and do not realise they could be wasting thousands of dollars of their own money over time.

“Young people are often mobile in the workforce and it’s not uncommon to open a new account when they start a new job,” Mr Shepherd said.

“They might also have super accounts which they have lost track of.

“There are still $5.8 billion worth of accounts in this category.”

Consolidating super accounts has been made simpler with the re-launch of the now easy-to-use myGov website and can be done within a few clicks.

“Simply log on and link to the ATO if you have not already done so,” Mr Shepherd said.

“You’ll be able to see all your super accounts in one place and from there it’s simple to consolidate all your funds into a single account, saving you money in unnecessary fees.”

The number of Australians merging their super into one preferred account is on the rise, with more than 265,000 accounts totalling $1.13 billion consolidated in the six months leading up to December 2014.

In one case, 17 accounts were consolidated. Mr Shepherd said that before people consolidated they should consider any insurance cover their accounts may hold as it will be cancelled once the account is closed.

– Details: For more information, or for lost super data, visit 梧桐夜网ato.gov419论坛.

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Displaying togetherness during Reconciliation Week

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People in the Murraylands have the opportunity to celebrate Reconciliation Week at three different events.People in the Murraylands have the opportunity to celebrate Reconciliation Week at three different events.

Today, from 8am until 11am, a free breakfast will be offered to the community at the Edwards Square Sound Shell in Murray Bridge.

Accompanying pancakes, fruit, a barbecue, tea and coffee will be live music and a face painter.

Aboriginal Family Support Services community development worker Bronte Warneke said the breakfast was something that did not happen often.

“We’re encouraging people to rug up and be a part of a unique event,” Mr Warneke said.

“The Raukkan Ngarrindjeri choir is coming up to sing a couple of songs.”

An art exhibition called Ngarrindjeri Expressions, which opened on Friday, is displayed at the Vicki Nottage Sculpture Court until July 19 and showcases the artwork of Damien Shen, a South Australian Aboriginal and Chinese man of Ngarrindjeri descent.

His portraits will be displayed with drawings by the local Aboriginal community created during workshops he led, and a photographic story by Richard Lyons of Damien’s exchanges with Uncle Moogy.

A series of short films will be shown for free at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 12.30pm, which looks at concerns of the Ngarrindjeri people.

“Reconciliation Week is an opportunity for black and white people to work together and express admiration for each other,” Mr Warneke said.

“If anyone would like to suggest any activities the feel would be beneficial for the community in reconciliation … we’re always looking for new ideas and new things to do.”

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Rural City of Murray Bridge gets back in black

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Murray Bridge ratepayers will pay an average of 2.9 per cent more in property rates in 2015-16, but their reward will be a council in surplus.Murray Bridge ratepayers will pay an average of 2.9 per cent more in property rates in 2015-16, but their reward will be a council in surplus.

The council’s books will be back in black for the first time since 2009-10, by a margin of $126,000, if the draft annual business plan published last week is approved.

The rate rise, which will equate to $51 per year for an average home owner, will be the smallest in at least seven years.

The funds raised will help the council complete a major stormwater recycling project, upgrade roads for a freight bypass centred on Maurice Road, improve the five-ways intersection at Monarto, build a natural playground at War Memorial Park and start work on a riverfront walking trail from Toora to Hume Reserve.

It will spend $11.3 million maintaining parks, roads and other facilities; $6 million on the Lerwin Nursing Home; $4.2 million on finance, records management and IT; $2.2 million on community development programs; and $2 million collecting rubbish.

Mayor Brenton Lewis said the plan underlined the strengths of the new council, elected in November.

“The plan reflects our commitment to strong financial management and sets out the first elements of how this council aims to deliver a proud, safe and progressive Murray Bridge,” he said.

“The council has worked very hard to ensure an operating surplus and this has been achieved with a minimal average rate increase.”

Murray Bridge’s five newly elected councillors all voted in favour of the 2.9pc rate rise, rather than the 3.9pc staff had recommended, in a 7-2 decision.

The annual business plan will now be subject to community consultation, culminating in a council meeting on Monday, June 22.

– Details: To get a copy of the draft annual business plan and have your say, visit the Murray Bridge library, council office or council website.

Written submissions can be sent to [email protected]论坛 or Annual Business Plan, Rural City of Murray Bridge, PO Box 421, Murray Bridge SA 5253 until 4.45pm on June 17.

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Emergency levy taxing time for farmers

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Big price: Callington farmers and CFS volunteers Nathan and Brett Wegener see little benefit in another big increase in the Emergency Services Levy.Farmers and homeowners are set for another bill shock when the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) comes in the post this year.

Costs will rise about 9 per cent for the average house, in a bid to raise an extra $19.8 million.

Callington farmers Nathan and Brett Wegener have volunteered with the Country Fire Service (CFS) for 43 years between them but are spared no mercy when it comes to the ESL.

Their levy jumped 342pc last year from $380 to about $1300, and they are preparing to fork out at least another $100 more this year.

“It’s frustrating, we volunteer our time; I understand someone has to pay for it but it’s not like we’re not paying our taxes elsewhere,” Nathan said.

“Water costs have gone through the roof, it’s just getting more and more – where does it stop?

“We’ll pay the money and move on but it’s just annoying it’s come on top of a huge rise last year.”

State Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said the Government had considered budget bids put forward by emergency services and identified additional resources that need to be funded.

“It’s an example of the enormous sacrifice our volunteers make defending life and property, and the importance of ensuring they have the resources they needed to protect themselves and their communities,” he said.

But Brett, who is the Callington CFS captain, said volunteers at most smaller, regional CFS brigades currently had all the equipment and resources they needed.

“Years ago when I joined the CFS we had the bare minimum, now we get what we need – I’ve noticed that since they brought in the Emergency Services Levy but I still think it’s an easy tax for them,” he said.

“When we get another big fire, will they put (the emergency services levy) up again?

“Will they reduce it next year if we don’t have a big fire?”

Of the $286 million raised through the ESL, $7.5 million will recover costs from the Sampson Flat bushfire; $6.7 million for cancer compensation entitlements and $6 million for extra training and support.

Member for Chaffey Tim Whetstone said he had seen ESL increases of more than 800pc in the region.

“The latest increase to the ESL will further affect large land owners, such as farmers, who can be asset rich but cash poor,” he said.

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State asks, Russell or Canaipa?

Written By: admin - Aug• 21•19

RUSSELL or Canaipa Island?

That is the question State Development Minister Anthony Lynham has asked Redland residents to answer.

Mr Lynham called for public feedback on changing the island’s name to its traditional indigenous name, Canaipa, after a request from Redland City Council last year.

Submissions to the state can be for or against the name change, but there is no option in the state proposal to only keep the name Russell Island.

However, the state proposal does include using both names while people, and maps, adjust to the name Canaipa Island.

Redland City Council backed the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce push for the change in September last year.

The support came four months after bay island councillorMarkEdwards was forced to withdraw his initial request to council to support the name change in May 2014until the islands’ indigenous community was consulted.

Chamber president Colin McInnes said the proposal, first made in 2013, was a bid to bury the island’s reputation as a place where shady land deals were done.

If approved by the state, the island would be referred to as both titles until the aboriginal name, Canaipa, became commonly accepted.

At the time, Cr Edwards said the likelihood of any island name change was “very, very slim” because it affectedmaritime charts around the world.

“The process can take years but council would support running both names at the same time, similar to the way Ayers Rock was changed to Uluru.”

Russell Island coupleNeil and Diane Pitt questioned the name change and said it was a waste of money and claimed there was inadequate community consultation.

“Shouldn’t those who have invested their money and lives in this island be the ones to determine whether this expenditure should proceed?” Mr Pitt said.

“The council,who supported this application,could run a Russell Island landowner referendum/survey in conjunction with the next rate notice at minimal cost.”

Cr Edwards said for many years the public had wanted a say on changing the island’s name to Canaipa, which means place of the ironbark spear.

He said the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce had engaged with the local community before approaching council last year to ask for its in-principle support.

“Council supported the community by writing to the state government as the ultimate decision-makers, asking them to consider the request and I am pleased that they have responded by calling for submissions,” he said.

“The proposed name change will strengthen the Redlands’ acknowledgement of the region’s traditional owners, as well as adding to the island’s tourism appeal by highlighting its strong history and cultural connections.”

Submissions on the proposal should be lodged with the Queensland Place Names section of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines website 梧桐夜网dnrm.qld.gov419论坛 by July 29.

Submissions in writing, either in support of or against the proposal, can be submitted online at梧桐夜网dnrm.qld.gov419论坛or sent to Queensland Place Names, Level 9 Landcentre, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, GPO Box 2454, Brisbane Qld 4001.

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Wimmera makes physical statement, dispatching Bellarine in tight interleague tussle

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VICTORY IS SWEET: Coach Louie Dalziel and captain Nick Pekin pose with the cup after Wimmera’s hard-fought 17-point win over Bellarine on Saturday. Picture: PAUL CARRACHERIF there were any lingering questions about what sort of contest Wimmera and Bellarine interleague teams would serve up on Saturday, they were answered at the first bounce.

Bodies collided in the clinches and there was not even close to an inch of space when the two teams locked horns at Horsham City Oval.

A secondary bounce was a necessity at the outset as players from both leagues showed vicious intent.

An early Bellarine behind opened the scoring, and when Wimmera’s Beau Cosson was flattened on the back edge of the centre square, the tone had been officially set.

Cosson gingerly picked himself up but responded emphatically, kicking two of Wimmera’s three first-quarter goals to help the Big W to an eight-point lead at the first change.

It took 15 minutes of gruelling footy for either side to break through for a goal.

In a match categorised early by hard hits and large doses of pressure, it took something special to deliver the early blow.

When Sam Jasper burned off his opponent and steered home the first, it was evident he might have been the spark required to separate the two sides.

With the numbers heavily in Wimmera’s favour, they threatened to break the game open in the second term, opening up a 15-point lead on numerous occasions.

Ash Clugston chimed in during a purple patch, as Jasper nailed his second and captain Nick Pekin soccered through another.

Bellarine looked at breaking point, but never let the deficit slip into dangerous territory.

It was patient, and then pounced to kick four of the next five goals to return to the lead.

The response from Wimmera was just as sharp.

Clugston snared another chance and Brad Hartigan followed up as the second term entered time-on.

A beauty from Bellarine’s Matt Deledio cut the margin, and when Mitch Day slammed home two in quick succession, Bellarine led once again.

In a quarter that saw 15 goals kicked between the sides, David Morris ran into an open goal on the stroke of half-time.

It gave Wimmera a two-point lead at the interval, and it was a lead the team never relinquished.

Wimmera controlled the tempo in the third, going inside 50 15 times to Bellarine’s six.

Clugston nailed three in the quarter as Wimmera kicked 4.6 to 1.1.

The lead was 19 points at the final change, but the message from coach Louie Dalziel was not to take the foot off the gas.

Deledio gave the visitors some hope four minutes into the last, cutting the margin to 12 as Bellarine controlled the opening moments, threatening to storm back into the game.

But Wimmera was stoic, absorbing the pressure and dishing back some of its own.

POLAXED: Wimmera’s Sean Christopher slams into a pack during Saturday’s interleague triumph, leaving Bellarine’s Josh Rushton a little ginger. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Football seemed to take a back seat to soccer as Wimmera desperately tried to make use of its forays forward.

But it paid off.

A long ball to the goal-square fell to the feet of Pekin, who booted it through off the deck.

On the brink of time-on, Cosson manufactured his fifth, as Wimmera took the biggest lead of the match.

That 26-point margin would be trimmed to 17 by the final siren – a mere consolation for Bellarine.

On a day where pressure was personified, Wimmera simply had more of the ball.

It eventually proved the difference.

Five goals each to Cosson and Clugston was a poetic response for a side singled out by opposition coach Mark Hildebrandt as having no key forwards.

Michael Rowe stood tall in the ruck too, despite Bellarine ignoring his position in the team.

The Big W had 49 tackles to 22 – its intent was clear from the outset.

Sam Jasper’s three-goal haul was the cherry on top of a best-on-ground performance.

It was the second time Jasper claimed a medal for best-afield this year, after winning the Bert Perry Medal during Horsham Saints and Horsham Demons’ Anzac Day clash.

Seven goals from Bellarine’s Mitch Day could have easily been 10, but the visitors needed more from other players.

The win is Wimmera’s second interleague triumph in a row as it continues its ascent up the rankings.

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